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But there it was Oh-em-gee, I was pregnant! A rush of emotion washed over me. This was a Friday. I was about 5. That night, my husband and I went to dinner and he was telling everyone.

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It was fun to be so overjoyed. After visiting the new family in the hospital on Wednesday, I drove home and started to feel a little queasy on the way. I shrugged it off and shoveled some food in my mouth. This was the first day I remember feeling off… a little nauseous and just not great. It was hard to keep that hidden amongst all my girlfriends!

The next morning, it struck. What I Tried. YES, I tried ginger ale. YES, I tried ginger in general. YES, I tried mini meals and keeping something in my stomach. One day I even got desperate and tried a Coke because I heard that could help nausea. NO, none of those helped me… for at least the first weeks. We started a morning routine where my hubby would bring me a good quality glass of OJ in the AM and I would take a few sips before standing up to help low blood sugar.

Using LauriShield™ Activated Foaming Wash

Then, I would venture downstairs and hubby would make me some scrambled eggs… I would try to put them on some gluten-free toast for an egg sandwich to get a little more substance. But honestly, some days I just sat in the chair forcing myself to chew through tears because I felt so terrible. The first weeks were definitely the worst.

I was getting sick multiple times a day and had 0 energy. Then, I started having ok days every other day.

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Whenever I could eat, I would eat whatever I could and as much as I could handle. In the first weeks of pregnancy, many women have aversions to protein-rich foods.

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This traces back to our kidneys which have a harder time processing nitrogen during this time. Plus, pre-refrigeration and modern conveniences, meat and protein-rich foods would spoil easily and carry more bacteria, pathogens, etc. The theory here: aversion is our evolutionary way of protecting ourselves and our growing baby again potential food toxins.

Also, in the first trimester, the baby is also developing mostly off of our build-up nutrient-stores. If you can eat nutrient-dense diet before getting pregnant, your baby will have plenty to choose from. Wacky hormones could also be the blame - especially hCG which increases rapidly at the beginning of pregnancy. This is the reason everyone was convinced I was having a girl well, hey, they were right!

Pylori … and there are others! Though I ate nutrient-dense, I did know my hormones were struggs at the time I conceived. After 2 rounds of natural remedies to ward it off, I was finally in the process of getting antibiotics to completely eradicate it in September when I discovered I was pregnant. I personally think this has played a large role in my experience.

What seemed to Work for Me.

Getting out of the house helped. The starchy bland carbs helped.

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I went to my week appointment and remember telling my doctor I was still having a hard time. First, I ordered the magnesium spray. Then, I found the prenatal liquid vitamin. Then, I found the probiotic.

Lauricidin® Supplement

Then, I found you could order the whole line. Click, click, click, click.

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So many Pink Stork boxes showed up on our doorstep within 2 days Thanks, Prime! WOW, what a difference! Enjoy mamas-to-be! Formulated to provide gentle cleansing and immediate hydration. Best used with Derma Lotion or Skin Ointment. Use daily to clean skin. For best results, target clean skin with Derma Lotion or Skin Ointment after washing. Use daily on skin. Reapply as needed - especially on areas prone to dryness. Store at room temperature. Keep out of eyes and recommended for external use only.

Hawaii – Treatment Continues

Protect targeted skin areas prone to dryness or irritation. Apply sparingly onto skin. Reapply as needed - for additional wound care cover with a bandage. Get Started.

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