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Allison Colpoys. Molly Potter. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Girls can rule the world-all they need is confidence.

with more than 175 years’ experience in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

This empowering, entertaining guide from the bestselling authors of The Confidence Code gives girls the essential yet elusive code to becoming bold, brave, and fearless. It's a paradox familiar to parents everywhere: girls are achieving like never before, yet they're consumed with doubt on the inside.

Girls worry constantly about how they look, what people think, whether to try out for a sports team or school play, why they aren't getting "perfect" grades, and how many likes and followers they have online. Katty Kay and Claire Shipman use cutting-edge science and research, as well as proven methods of behavioral change, to reach girls just when they need it the most-the tween and teen years. Packed with graphic novel strips; appealing illustrations; fun lists, quizzes, and challenges; and true stories from tons of real girls, The Confidence Code for Girls teaches girls to embrace risk, deal with failure, and be their most authentic selves.

Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x People who bought this also bought. Add to basket. The Confidence Code Katty Kay. You Are Awesome Matthew Syed. Girl Stuff Kaz Cooke.

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How are you feeling today? You, Me and Empathy Jayneen Sanders. Back cover copy Girls can rule the world. All you need is confidence.

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Ever wish you had the guts to try out for that team or play, or finally talk to that grumpy, intimidating teacher, or actually start that animal welfare club you dreamed up? Or maybe your list of scary stuff is totally different.

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But here's the secret to making it all happen: Confidence. It gives you the power to do everything you want. Packed with graphic novel strips, fun lists and quizzes, and stories from real girls, this book will reveal the code for confidence--how to make it and how to use it. Soon you'll be a girl of action, tackling risks that lead to big, big adventure and taking on challenges you've never even imagined. Review Text "This is the book every girl needs to make her dreams come true. Review quote "This is the book every girl needs to make her dreams come true.

I wish I had this book when I was a girl - and I'm really glad today's girls have it now. I learned that lesson on the ice, playing hockey. I didn't always fit in, but I came to embrace that, and it gave me confidence. This book can help every girl flip that switch in her head. I love love love this book for girls. Every single day I work with girls who suffer so much because they don't have the tools The Confidence Code for Girls provides.

It gives tweens tips and tools to manage everything from stress to self-doubt to sticky social situations. Fagell, school counselor, author and contributor to the Washington Post's On Parenting section "An essential read for every girl in her tween years I am inspired by what the authors have done in offering such a tremendous guidebook that I am sure tween girls will reference time and time again in their journey to forming a solid, confident self.

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Bonnie Zucker, licensed psychologist and author of Anxiety-Free Kids: An Interactive Guide for Parents and Children "If you've ever wished you had the courage to say what you really think, or do the thing that scares you, this is the book for you! Confidence is crucial for girls, and Katty and Claire have figured out the recipe. Reading this book will help you change your life! Readers will enjoy discovering more about their brains and how to handle real-life situations.

Because the authors draw from a diverse population of girls' experiences from differing cultures and backgrounds, any girl can feel at home in these pages.

Girls will appreciate how it speaks directly to them, not their parents, and offers inspiring stories by girls for girls. In addition to her work on women's issues, Katty has covered the Clinton administration sex scandal, four presidential elections, and the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Katty grew up all over the Middle East, where her father was posted as a British diplomat. She studied modern languages at Oxford and is a fluent French and Italian speaker with some "rusty Japanese.

Visit Katty online at www. Nan Lawson is an illustrator and artist based in Los Angeles. She's a regular contributor to several art galleries across the country and has had the opportunity to work with companies such as the Academy Awards, Lucasfilm, Nickelodeon, and Hulu. A person who communicates through secret writing is called a cryptographer. Cryptographers might use codes, ciphers or a combination of both to keep messages safe from others. What cryptographers create, cryptanalysts attempt to unravel.

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Throughout the history of cryptography, people who created codes or ciphers were often convinced their systems were unbreakable. Cryptanalysts have proven these people wrong by relying on everything from the scientific method to a lucky guess. Today, even the amazingly complex encryption schemes common in Internet transactions may have a limited useful lifetime -- quantum computing might make solving such difficult equations a snap. You Say Cryptology, I Say Cryptography In English, the words cryptology and cryptography are often interchangeable -- both refer to the science of secret writing.

To learn how code breakers crack secret messages, you need to know how people create codes. In the next section, we'll learn about some of the earliest attempts at hiding messages. Does the U.

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