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For keyboard players who want a robust weighted action, digital pianos closely resemble acoustic instruments. Digital pianos are ideal for musicians who want to play quietly. Simply plug a pair of quality headphones in, and enjoy the full effect of a grand piano all to yourself.

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For beginners and lifelong players alike, the convenience, portability, and versatility of keyboards and digital pianos make it easy and fun to play music at home or on the go. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Skip to main content. Featured categories. Electronic Keyboards. Digital Pianos. MIDI Controllers. MIDI Cables. MIDI Interfaces. Tabletop Synthesizers. Drum Machines. Production Stations. Thumb Pianos.

2018 Guitar Center Black Friday & Cyber Monday Piano Keyboard Sales

Sound Modules. Audio Sequencers. Audio Samplers. Customers also bought. Best sellers See more. Keyboards from Amazon. Expand all Collapse all. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. While it may not be on par with expensive models, it is an excellent replacement for a traditional piano as it will help you familiarize with various techniques for playing the piano.

The keys on the keyboard look like real piano keys, and the GST action allows various resistance levels, to make it easier for you to grow from this type of keyboard piano to an acoustic model. It comes with 30 preset songs, and the CD-ROM included with your purchase also has 70 more songs, to allow you to practice and get better. The Yamaha Education Suite comes in handy and provides real aid for beginners who are just trying to get the hang of things. You will get a pair of closed-cup headphones along with the keyboard and the stand.

This product has a name that indicates its possibilities. Whether you just want to practice or go on a small stage, you will be able to use the Alesis Recital and make use of its features.

Top 9 Best Cheap Keyboard Piano In Reviews [UPDATED]

The semi-weighted keys will help you get used to the same experience you would have when playing music on an acoustic piano. The model is designed with novices and their particular needs in mind. You will get more than just an easy to use keyboard piano; you will also receive three months of premium membership for Skoove, a service that offers online lessons to those looking to learn how to play the piano. The keyboard piano comes with its own speakers and an array of sound effects that will allow you to customize the music you play as you see fit. The amount of extras provided by the Yamaha PSREWAD is one of the many reasons why you may want to consider this particular model an excellent choice.

The keyboard has 76 keys, so it offers excellent performance, while still keeping the unit compact and easy to carry around.

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There are no fewer than voices, songs, and styles already available. Another great plus is the availability of the Yamaha Education Suite that helps you practice while playing the included preset songs. You will also appreciate the Touch Tutor mode that keeps track of your speed and strength when hitting the keys, to offer you the necessary corrections for more accurate play. The USB port comes in handy, and it lets you connect the unit for increases usability.

Whether you want to use software installed on your PC or Mac, you will be allowed to do so through the means of this particular feature. For the price, the Casio Inc. CTK offers an unbeatable alternative to the more expensive keyboard pianos on the market. While you cannot expect it to perform as a grand concert piano, this one has its perks, and it will provide you with a lot of entertainment value.

The unit is compact, as it has only 61 keys. However, for a person who is just starting out, and all they need is a keyboard piano to help them begin learning, it is an excellent choice. The note polyphony is part of what makes this model so popular with novices, and you will discover a few other reasons why you may want to purchase the Casio Inc.

The unit also offers access to songs that will let you practice. The 32 memory slots will allow you to register your settings so you can revert to something you already master anytime you want. Plus, the available rhythms will help any aspiring pianist learn on the go.

It is essential to get good value for the money whenever you purchase something.

Alesis Recital Pro - 88-Key Digital Piano with Hammer-Action Keys

The RockJam offers you more than just the keyboard; the package includes a stand for the keyboard, a stool to sit on, and a pair of headphones. That is more than most similar models on the market offer. You will be able to learn how to play the piano, with the help of the built-in rhythms, and the available 50 songs.

You can also get 30 extra songs for free, by using the Piano Maestro application available for iPad and iPhone. The model is portable, which means that it operates on batteries. However, when you practice at home, you can hook it up to a power socket, as its configuration allows it. You will find the LCD screen handy, as well, since you will find displayed all the information in crisp images that are easy to read.

Do not worry that the keys will be too small; they are designed to have the same size as normal ones.

The Hamzer Digital is one of the cheap keyboards available right now that offer good value for the price. The speakers on the unit provide good sound accuracy, and you will not feel like you lose something because you picked this particular model instead of another. The stereo outputs contribute to sound fidelity, as well. In case you do not want to disturb others while practicing, you will be able to do so by using the headphone jack present on the unit. The model comes with its own headphones, which means that you will be able to use it in this fashion right away.

One of the things you will surely appreciate is the built-in learning system. The 61 keys will give you the same feeling as an acoustic piano, and the 24 demo songs will guide you through the necessary steps for learning how to play the piano. Additional features include tempo adjustment control, volume control and rhythm sync. If you are looking for a cheap piano for sale that will not just take your money and offer too little in return, your choice should be the Yamaha PSRE As other keyboard pianos in this category, it comes with 61 keys, to keep the unit compact and lightweight.

The duo mode allows you to split the keyboard, allowing you to practice with a friend. You will be able to connect the keyboard piano with your headphones, via the Aux Line Input port. This port is more than just for your headphones, though. You can use it to hook the keyboard with an MP3 player, a mixer, and even your computer. The unit is portable, and it works with batteries. If you want to use it as a fixed unit, you will have to purchase the adapter separately.

If you are shopping on a budget and you want a keyboard piano that is a lot of fun, the Casio CTK is an excellent option. The model comes with a unique Dance Music mode that lets you practice with 50 dance rhythms. The note polyphony helps, as well. For people who have never played the piano in their lives, this model is an excellent pick. Featuring a 3-step learning process, and equipped with sounds for easy practice, it will help you get the hang of the basics without paying for expensive piano lessons.

Another option is to practice using the preset songs. If you want to enhance the learning process even further, the Chordata Play application is compatible with this model and can guide you through learning the songs you want to play. Creating dance tunes with the help of the dance sounds included is easy, and sooner than you think, you will become accustomed to making your own music.


There are many things to bear in mind when you are shopping for a digital piano. If your dream is to become a pianist, but the costs involved with an acoustic model put you off, the solution of a keyboard piano sounds like a good deal. We will guide you through all the necessary steps for finding a model that suits your level, budget, and expectations. If you carefully read through the specs offered by manufacturers on digital pianos, you will notice that something is always said about the keyboard action.

What is this and what does it mean? Introducing you to the terms used will help you understand the difference between different models so that you can make an informed choice once you reach for the wallet. If there is one thing that opponents of digital pianos have always mentioned is that the keys on an acoustic piano feel much different and that could never be replicated by an electric model. There is a mechanism inside that creates resistance for each key, and that is what produces that particular feel. That is why digital piano manufacturers have strived during recent years to bring these levels of resistance to the products they make.

If you are looking for a unit that can offer you an experience on par with what acoustic pianos can offer, you should look for weighted and semi-weighted actions. You will feel the keys making a small subtle clunky noise that resembles how acoustic piano keys react when struck.

So, what you should focus on if you want the best piano keyboard is to find one with full-weighted keys. These will feel just like the real deal and will make your transition to an acoustic piano, later on, easier. If you notice that a model has a graded hammer action that is even better. The keys will respond very similar to an acoustic model. Models that are cheaper usually allow you to modify sensitivity, so you should not expect outstanding performance from them.

While acoustic pianos provide audio performance through craftsmanship and quality of materials used, there is an entirely different thing when we talk about the same thing involving digital models. The best electric piano is usually one that can deliver outstanding sound quality, by using an array of features that will be explained right away.

88-Key Keyboards

Digital pianos come with a series of samples for creating the final sounds you will hear. A lot of technology is involved in making these things happen, and you cannot have excellent sound quality without advanced technologies employed in making the samples sound like real instruments. You can tell the difference between various models on the market, by the higher digital memory top of the line models have. The sounds the digital unit will be able to deliver must be realistic.

They must also have a level of sustain and one of decay that resembles the sounds produced by real instruments. It is quite a feat that today we can enjoy high-quality digital pianos that sell for only a fraction of what acoustic pianos are sold for. The quality of the sound delivered also depends on the speakers and amplifiers installed on the unit.

You cannot have the best digital piano without good quality components like the ones mentioned earlier. The number jotted down by this feature tells you about how many individual notes and tones your unit can make at any given time. The minimum amount you should have is 32, but 64 notes are more indicated if you want to produce music with more complex sounds.

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  • Top-of-the line models have either or notes. Another thing you will notice in the specs will be how many sound and tone samples are integrated with the unit you want to buy. There is a bit of debate here whether you should have more or fewer of these. Some say that they love having the opportunity to experiment with a broad range of sounds and tones. Others say that these are just an unwanted distraction when you could just focus on the piano sounds.

    Many digital pianos are intended for beginners, and the impressive part about this aspect is that they come with learning systems that allow those who are just starting to get the hang of how they should use a musical instrument. Even if it is not the real deal, a digital piano can help you on your path to becoming a pianist in the future.

    deals on piano keyboards Deals on piano keyboards
    deals on piano keyboards Deals on piano keyboards
    deals on piano keyboards Deals on piano keyboards
    deals on piano keyboards Deals on piano keyboards
    deals on piano keyboards Deals on piano keyboards

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