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Flat tire, flashing dashboard light, or strange engine noise, we can handle it.

You can count on our experienced technicians to deliver professional auto services in Kingwood, plus oil changes, brake services, maintenance, car batteries, engine tune-ups, alignment, and much more. We know trucks and cars from headlight to taillight, but we also know the people who sit behind the wheel. That means we'll only recommend services and repairs we believe are a good match for your needs. After all, our technicians and associates are drivers too!

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With 1, Firestone Complete Auto Care stores around the country, you should always be close to vehicle maintenance and car repair you can trust. We help take care of your car's parts and pieces, but also what helps keep you safe on the road: your tires. Investing in the best car or truck tires can be one of the easiest ways to help keep it going strong.

Whether you need all-season truck tires or high-performance car tires, we've got the right tire selection for your driving style, climate, budget, and vehicle type. And if your TPMS light comes on or you need flat tire repair? Just point your dash in our direction.

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Shop for tires online or in-store and head to Firestone Complete Auto Care on Northpark Dr to keep your tires inflated, aligned, and driving smoothly. We're one of Kingwood's tire providers, and have been for years. Car batteries may be little, but the power they provide is gigantic. When your battery is weak, old, or the terminals are loose, your car may not start.

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That's where our qualified technicians come in! A fast test will find out if your car battery is providing enough power and at what temperature it could potentially die.

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You can also ask for a car battery test during your regularly scheduled oil change, another key service that's important to keeping your engine healthy and happy. Whether you prefer high mileage, conventional, synthetic, or synthetic blend oil, your car needs fresh oil at the factory recommended interval, which is typically 3, miles. Fresh, new oil helps keep your engine lubricated, clean, and at the right temperature. When you need an oil change or new car battery, head our direction.

We install over , car batteries a year and perform more than 19, oil changes each and every day. Easily book an appointment online and take advantage of our great service offers, oil change coupons, or tire deals. Most can be inspected and replaced during a routine oil change. These include the engine air filter, oil filter, fuel filter and cabin air filter. Your spark plugs should be changed every K miles.

A bit more complicated than a routine oil change, the time and cost will depend on the year, make and model of your vehicle. Belts and hoses play an integral part in your vehicle's performance. As belts age, the rubber becomes brittle, causing it to crack. If the belt is showing signs of wear on its outer edge, this is also a sign that it will need to be replaced. Since coolant temperature is about degrees, the hoses that carry it are extremely important.

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A belt or hose failure can cause loss of both power steering and the electrical charging system, as well as an overheated engine. If your engine overheats, this can cause the cylinder heads to warp, resulting in a very expensive repair.

Hoses are generally inspected for softness and swelling, hardening, cracks, chafing and heat damage. If any of these issues are detected, your hoses will need to be replaced. Brake issues can start out small but worsen over time. Waiting to have them repaired can greatly increase the costs involved. Having your brakes inspected during a routine maintenance visit can help save you both time and money. Discs should be inspected for rough spots, warping or damage. If they are shiny and show little signs of wear, maintenance is likely not needed. If they are damaged or warped, these parts should be resurfaced or replaced immediately.

Your vehicle has rubber and metal brake lines and both can crack and leak. Our technicians will first examine the rubber hoses to ensure they are soft and don't have cracks. They'll then check the hard metal brake lines for corrosion and leaking. If either is damaged, replacement is recommended. Today's vehicles are loaded with technology. That's why it's more important than ever to ensure your battery operates at peak performance. At McMahon Ford,we know exactly what battery is needed for your specific vehicle and can help guide you through what can be a somewhat complex process. Maintaining your tires not only helps keep you safe, it also helps your vehicle run more efficiently and extends the life of the tires themselves.

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Following these simple steps will help ensure you get the most out of your tires:. The Ford Service Credit Card is a financing option that lets you pay for all service maintenance and repairs, including tire purchases and installation at McMahon Ford and other Ford Dealers across the U. It only takes a few minutes to apply and receive the decision.

Upon credit approval, you'll be provided with a credit line to assist you with all in-store purchases, including:.

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mcmahon oil change coupon Mcmahon oil change coupon
mcmahon oil change coupon Mcmahon oil change coupon
mcmahon oil change coupon Mcmahon oil change coupon
mcmahon oil change coupon Mcmahon oil change coupon
mcmahon oil change coupon Mcmahon oil change coupon

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