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Next warning will result in ban! Home News You are here. Google is juggling a lot of balls right now, and many consumers might be unfamiliar with Google Express. This is an online shopping and delivery service that allows users to shop online from various stores like Costco, Target, Walmart, the Google Store, Best Buy, Fry's and more. Keep in mind that Google Express is not a same-day shopping and delivery service like Shipt or Instacart.

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Items purchased through Google Express take one to three days to arrive. Reply Report. Want to comment? Please Log in or sign up.

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Bad language. Not English content. Text comment:. Send a warning to post author. Sometimes, multiple stores will carry that item and each will charge different prices for it. The light strip is for adding some smart bias lighting to the back of my television and the armband is for holding my smartphone while hiking or traveling. So my Best Buy purchase would have free shipping, but the Sports Unlimited one would not. With my decision made, I added the light strip and the armband to my cart and continued on to make my payment.

It defaulted to my home address for the shipping I could have changed this if I wanted, though and used my default credit card in Google Pay as my payment method I could have changed this also. This made things really easy, and it was nice not having to enter in all that information manually, despite this being my first time using Google Express. Google Express actually reminded me during checkout that the coupon code was available, which was certainly nice.

To make things even more confusing my bank statement lists out the order from each retailer. Check it out below:. Ultimately, this aspect of Google Express simply left me confused. It would be much easier if Google told me exactly how much I was spending at each store during the checkout process and then charged me that exact amount so my confirmation receipt and my bank statements line up. The armband supposedly would come to me next-day, while the Best Buy purchase would take nearly a week for some reason.

My armband from Sports Unlimited was delayed — Google Express sent me an email notifying me that was the case. Instead of coming the next day, it actually arrived on the second day. It was a little annoying to have to wait an extra day for the package, but two-day delivery is still really good and is what most of us will be used to from Amazon Prime.

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The light strip from Best Buy, however, came much faster than estimated — in fact, it came on the same day as the armband. So, in essence, I got two-day delivery from both retailers. Instead, they both shipped directly from the retailers. Check out the boxes below:. Now, both of my shipping estimates turned out to be wrong, but in both cases, it was no big deal in one case, it was a pleasant surprise.

However, I can easily see this being a real problem for frequent shoppers. I only bought two items from two retailers, so things were OK, but it seems like shipping could eventually go awry if I placed a lot of orders. If I had gone to bestbuy. If I had gone to sportsunlimited.

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The Sports Unlimited discrepancy is because that retailer was offering 10 percent off the armband on its site, as it was a clearance item. In the end, I saved money by shopping through Google Express as compared to if I went to each retailer individually. With that added in, I ended up spending less money than I would have from the individual retailers — even with the Sports Unlimited discount factored in.

You can see that the discount code saved the day here. Without that code, I would have spent more money than I would if I had gone to each individual retailer. In my experience, I see Google constantly offering discounts on individual items, discounts on entire categories of items, and even storewide discounts, such as the one I used for my purchase.

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To be frank, without those discount codes you might not save much money shopping through Google Express. Google Express saved me money here, but even if it didn't, it was nice paying for items from different retailers in one transaction. Google Express also offers a generous refund and returns policy , and also offers purchase protection if you have any issues with your items.

I recommend you give it a shot and see for yourself how it works for you. Editor's Pick.

Coupon google express
Coupon google express
Coupon google express
Coupon google express
Coupon google express

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