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Woman Claims Wall Street Coworkers Sh*t in Her Bernie Sanders Mug

Sanders' stated concerns lie more with the service industry employees currently working for the Changs. The Chapter 11 filing says that Forever 21 employs a total of 32, employees — that's about 6, full-time workers and around 26, part-time workers. If US stores go under, as is possible if Forever 21 is not successful in its rent negotiations, that leaves a substantial number of employees at risk of losing their jobs. In the Forever 21 filing, the Changs say they achieved the American Dream through hard work.

But, according to Sanders, the Forever 21 founders and their fellow business moguls are ensuring that the working class — the very people whose socioeconomic status the Changs used to share — are getting shut out of that same dream.

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The owners of Forever 21 say that they've lived the American Dream. Bernie Sanders says they're destroying it. But Democratic presidential candidate Sen.

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Bernie Sanders isn't having it. In a statement to Business Insider, Walmart spokesperson Kory Lundberg disputed Sanders' characterization of the company. Read more: Bernie Sanders is planning to crash Walmart's next shareholders meeting and argue hourly workers deserve a spot on the company's board. It was just awful. An anonymous speaker whose face was blurred out in the video alleged that the US subsidized the Walton family by providing public benefits to struggling Walmart employees.

Lundberg told Business Insider that the fact that some Walmart employees are on government assistance is a result of the company's refusal to discriminate against people receiving public benefits. Walmart's greed has got to end. Other employees complained about Walmart's culture, the retailer's treatment of employees with disabilities, declining store hours, and the time-off policy. In , Walmart implemented a new scheduling system that " allows associates to view schedules, swap shifts with other associates and even pick up unfilled shifts," according to a Walmart blog post that Lundberg sent to Business Insider.

Walmart also altered its time-off policy in February, creating a protected PTO bank for employees and adding cash bonuses for good attendance.

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The Waltons' greed must end. Tomorrow I will join Walmart workers to demand workers like her have a seat on the board. EndWalmartGreed pic.

To EndWalmartGreed , we demand workers have a seat on the corporate board. We need someone to speak for the associates of Walmart.

This isn't the first time Sanders has gone up against Walmart. Back in November, he co-sponsored the Stop Walmart act with Rep. So many of our favorite tweets would make perfect shirts. But we might just print these for ourselves to wear around the office.

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The race to be the Democratic presidential nominee is narrowing. Or is it widening? New people are jumping in every day! Now we got a guy named Seth?

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President Seth? Feels wrong. We did! He was little known outside of South Bend then. But there was this one guy giving interviews at that time. Each answer was so thoughtful.


'Trump will win, 100%': conservatives on socialism, Bernie Sanders and 2020

It was hard not to like him. So we liked him! And we still like him! His biggest obstacle might be the pronunciation of his name. How do you say it? We made custom shirts that help. Because all of our designs are totally customizable. Change the text to say whatever you want. You have a whole entire month to order something uniquely hilarious for yourself or someone else.

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