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    First Name. On some level, it makes sense that such a wine would come from a co-operative winery, whose very spirit is founded on collaboration. Across Europe, co-ops have played an enormous role in defining the identity of appellations, particularly in Italy.

    Good Co-Op wines - La Cave de Bonnieux

    When a landscape is fragmented among small, family-owned parcels with limited means, it makes a lot of sense to band together to create a community wine. Co-ops largely emerged in the s, but even today, one out of every four wines in Europe comes from a co-op. In Italy, that is more like one out of every three. Co-op wines can be quite affordable because the model keeps production costs low, but in many cases, the quality can languish for a variety of reasons.

    If the co-op is smaller and located in an obscure corner of the country, then the challenge becomes directing resources appropriately. Every farm has a different terroir demanding different strategies.

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    Plus, every farmer has a different personality, and would like to be paid as much as the next guy, thank-you-very-much. We were at the home of a family who sells their grapes to the co-op, and from their patio I could take in an uninterrupted view of the sun-baked, rolling hills of the region. Giovanni is a locomotive of a man. Just taking his picture revealed his natural amiability, a quality that is probably essential to managing such a winery. This type of transition can be like pulling a U-turn on a busy highway.

    The Co-op’s best wines | David Williams | Food | The Guardian

    The going is slow, the obstacles innumerable. That is because the co-operative is still largely beholden to winegrowers when it comes to viticultural practices. For example, they are not yet in a position to demand that winegrowers adopt something as intensive as organic viticulture, but they can encourage it. Ultimately — as Salvatore told me — the co-op has to factor in the means of each grower. Pair this with a menagerie of grape varieties, an enormous range of different terroir, and the personalities of more than Sicilian farmers, and you have quite the game of triangulation.

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