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Daily Deal: The Ultimate Shopify And Ecommerce Expert Bundle

Best Practices and Guides. CandyBar — Digital Loyalty Cards. Bytes of Candy. Risks of Daily Deal Sites Instant access to a well-targeted local market is a great benefit of daily deal sites.

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You might underestimate the interest in your daily deal. That can lead to disappointed customers if you over-promise or under-deliver and more time needed to address customer service issues locally. You might not be able to get these discount-hungry customers to come back after the initial promotion.

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A recent analysis from Cornell University showed that running a daily deal can lead to more negative online reviews — reviews which may influence buying decisions of other potential customers. Are daily deals right for your small business? ReferralCandy ReferralCandy is a customer acquisition tool used by hundreds of ecommerce retailers and business owners around the world.

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How Can an Ecommerce Owner Use Groupon?

Thanks Pawan deals2grab. Several different factors can be pinned to the fall of flash sale sites.

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  • Perhaps the biggest one is the shift in consumer behavior. One term that came from this entire craze is flash sale fatigue. Things got pretty crazy for the average email box. Marketing messages started to blend in with each other.

    Consumers began to tune out when viewing subject headers. Opt-out rates began to climb. People got burnt out from feeling the need to purchase at a discount price all the time. As a result, the number one direct advertisement channel lost its edge. As people began to go back to work, expendable income once again was on the rise, and along it was retail shopping. The tried-and-true business model received a second breath of fresh air. As a result, there was less fire sale surplus to go around for flash sales.


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    People also began to be more patient with their money and used technology to research products thoroughly before purchasing them. Additionally, a number of flash sale ecommerce stores offered less than favorable shipping rates and return policies. Groupon is attempting to deal with the situation by focusing on delivering more personalized deals.

    This is a level of convenience that Groupon cannot offer, at least not as easily. Topics covered: retail tech, e-commerce, in-store operations, marketing, and more. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. You can opt out anytime. Search x. An article from.

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